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CHOUINARD - An Art Vision Betrayed by Robert Perine


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In 1978, Bob Perine began the exhaustive undertaking to write a definitive book on Chouinard. Spending the next 7 years and taking time off of his own artmaking, his book, \”Chouinard- An Art Vision Betrayed\” was released in 1985. His book does an excellent job chronicling the history of Nelbert Chouinard and her school- covering most of the important aspects of Chouinard history.

Book dimensions: 11.5in x 9 in

JVH Draw The Idea Poster


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This poster was designed by world renowned graphic designer John Van Hamersveld who became famous for images such as The Endless Summer, Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street, among just a few. John went to the original Chouinard, is on our Advisory Board and has designed all of the graphic design for the Chouinard Foundation. The Draw The Idea posters are 1st editions and are considered by many as classic John Van Hamersveld work.

Print dimensions: 36in x 24 in

Nelbert Chouinard "Euculapti" print


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This print is a near exact replica of an original oil painting by Nelbert Chouinard done in 1915, prior to starting the Chouinard School of Art in 1921, and while she was a part of the local scene painting collective. The print is a very high-grade, hand-pulled serigraph made by Jean Milant of the renowned Cirrus Editions in Los Angeles and contains over 50 colors. The first edition is limited to 250, which these prints are a part of.

Print dimensions: 26.5in x 22in